This is a sample of my professional work + personal projects. I am a writer, director, and video editor. 

Commercial for Joy of Motion Dance Center, Washington, D.C. 2016

Casting + Creator + Writer

An Ani Fan & Her Mariachi Band

Video Contest Winner Ani DiFranco, Righteous Babe Records Video Contest, 2012

Concept + Director + Editor 

Mini Documentary Motion Express Program, 2015

Director + Writer + Editor

Step Ahead Video Poem, 2015

Editor + Writer

Engagement Video 

How I told my best friend we got engaged, 2014

Editor + Director

Program Promo Long Form

Promo video with creative introduction produced for Joy of Motion Dance Center, 2012

Camera + Editor + Writer

Documentary Short Form

Faculty Spotlight Promo Video

Produced for Joy of Motion Dance Center, 1 of 14 part series, 2011

Friend Video 

Shot with an old digital camera, we turned our Valentine's Day weekend into a music video, 2009

Camera + Editor + Director